A Steadfast Heart-Psalm 108:1-5

Psalm 108:1-5 “My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul. 2 Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. 3 I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. 4 For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. 5 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and let your glory be over all the earth.”

Salmo 108:1-5 «Il mio cuore è ben disposto, o Dio, io canterò e salmeggerò con riverenza. Destatevi, saltèrio e cetra, io voglio risvegliare l’alba. 3 Ti celebrerò tra i popoli, o Signore, e a te salmeggerò fra le nazioni. 4 Perché la tua bontà giunge fino ai cieli e la tua fedeltà fino alle nuvole. 5 Innàlzati, o Dio, al di sopra dei cieli, risplenda su tutta la terra la tua gloria!»

     This is another Psalm of praise for the love and faithfulness of God. These verses are very similar to 57:7-11. Focus on David’s first thought in verse one. “My heart is steadfast…” What kind of heart do we have each day? Do we sometimes follow an “on again, off again” relationship with God? What does David mean by a steadfast heart? The Hebrew language uses a word that suggests an upright posture over a period of time: to remain standing. Sometimes this word is translated “fixed” but the point is that David remained standing for the love and faithfulness of God to him. He stood up for God even though he spent much of his life in internal and external battles. Do the struggles of this life cause us to sit down and hope that God will do something? Those who understand the principle of steadfastness, God will stand with them. In Ephesians 6:13-14, Paul echoes the same thought. “…and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm…” It is when we stand firm that God refreshes us with the breeze of His love and faithfulness through difficult times.

Pray with me: Lord, I have had times when the events of this world distract me from being able to stand fully in steadfastness. Help me to stand strong as I look at “your love and faithfulness that reaches to the skies.” (v. 4).

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