Adultery From the Heart-Matthew 5:27-30

Adultery From the Heart-Matthew 5:27-30

Here is the second time Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said…but I tell you…”(now the 7th commandment). The Pharisees-Sin was only the act. Since they didn’t act on it, God would not hear it or see it. Therefore no sin was committed. 

Some of the things that Jesus was not saying:

1.  He was not saying that the Law was not correct.

2.  He was not saying that it only refers to adultery.

3.  He was not saying that only men are included here.

4.  He was not disparaging sexuality or suggesting it is evil.

 How does Jesus teach the 7th commandment or how does His teaching supersede their interpretation of the Law?

 1.  He teaches that the Law also included adultery of the heart. v. 28

2.  He teaches that the Law included lust just as guilty as the act.  v. 29

 Two Life lessons

1.  Be preventive in your spiritual life.

2.  Be serious in your spiritual life.

 What are 3 implications for the true believer?

1. Acknowledge that sin wants to destroy your spiritual life.

2. Acknowledge that giving in to sin will destroy your life.

3. Acknowledge that continued sin will cause you to end up in hell.

 The only source of help is found in John 15:5  “apart from me, you can do nothing”

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