Damaged But Restored 2 Samuel 4:4, 9:1-13-Pastor Bob Godwin

Damaged But Restored 2 Samuel 4:4, 9:1-13-Pastor Bob Godwin

     Something is considered damaged when it is destroyed, disfigured or put out of its original shape. Restoration is to replace, bring back to shape or originality. It may surprise you to know that many have concluded that their life dreams have been damaged (marriage, families, career, business, health). As a result they are downcast and have settled into a discouraged avenue. The good news today is that God will restore and replace every damaged issue in your life.

      Mephiboshet is typical of a man who became damaged and discouraged in life but was restored. He lived in a city called Lodebar (pasture-less). He was born royalty but one day was dropped by his nurse and consequently became damaged, crippled and discouraged in life. Perhaps you are living in a barren and hopeless situation without God. It could be that you have been dropped by friends, disappointed in marriage or business. People may have damaged your reputation through gossip. Maybe you have been damaged in some areas of your life through a sinful lifestyle and wrong decisions. As a potter, God knows how to bring back every damaged and broken piece of your life (verses 5-9). Mephiboshet was damaged and crippled in life but he received an invitation that restored his “self-assumed damaged life.” It was an unexpected invitation from the king, which gave hope to a man who classified himself as a “dead dog.”

      The Bible also chronicles lots of people that felt discouraged and damaged in life but God restored them to honor and dignity. Joseph thought that his big dream had been damaged when his own brothers dropped him inside a well and later sold him into slavery in Egypt. But God supernaturally restored him to his dream (Gen. 37). David one day lost all he had labored to acquire in life but God supernaturally restored all (I Sam 30:3-6, 18-20). The woman with the issue of blood and the crippled man at the beautiful gate all considered their lives damaged but God supernaturally restored them (Mark 5:25-29, Acts 3:1-7). The message today is that God will replace every damaged issue in your life. All you need is to maintain a spiritual discipline by praying and obeying the Word and being in earnest expectation of His supernatural intervention.

      Do you feel that your dream is damaged and shattered? Do you feel that God is too far and no more interested in you because of your past life? Have your friends dropped you? The good news today is that God wants to restore you to honor and dignity (Isa. 1:18-19; Matt. 11:28).

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