His Love Endures Forever-Psalm 136:1-26

Psalms 136:1-26 “…His love endures forever.

Salmo 136:1-26 “…la sua bontà dura in eterno.”

     This Psalm has been called “The Great Hallel” (the great praise Psalm) and has a refrain that stresses its theme. The phrase “…His love endures forever.” is repeated 26 times and describes the eternal love of God expressed in thanksgiving to God for the wonders of His creation, His deliverance for Israel and His provision for His own. In the original language, the word “love” is better translated as ‘kindness’ or ‘mercy’. The NASV translates it as: “For his lovingkindness is everlasting”. Even when God’s people fail, God’s love endures. When they repent, God’s love endures. His love is endless and timeless.

     This Psalm was sung at festive occasions so as one group in the congregation would sing the first line of each verse, the second group would respond with the theme, “His love endures forever.” The Psalm concludes with another call for thanksgiving to the God of heaven. It is the only place in the Psalms where God is given the title “God of heaven”. Try reciting this praise Psalm arrangement with two people or groups-you will be blessed!

Pray with me: Lord, I know Your love remains unending through the journey of my life. Help me to appreciate Your great lovingkindness all of my days.

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