Joseph’s Journal Part 3 Genesis 39

Joseph’s Journal Part 3 Genesis 39

     Genesis 38 is the story of Judah and Tamar. It shows how far away from God the sons of Jacob were. Genesis 39 picks up with Joseph. It is important to know that the Ismaelites were going to Egypt, not from Egypt. Joseph is sold to the chief of police or carabinieri-guard of the Pharoah. Joseph has no family, no house, no influence of worship from his days with his father, Jacob. Joseph is about 27 years old. What happens in the next few years will shape the future of Joseph and his family. At 30 years old, he enters the service of the Pharoah (41:46). The key verses are found in verse 2, 21, 23 “ The Lord was with Joseph.” The Word tells us that the Lord is always with us (Matt. 28:20) but there may be times when you ask “why God?”

 There are four stages in the life of Joseph in Genesis 39.

1. The Lord was with Joseph as a slave-v. 1

The market place of most slaves meant death from working the fields but Joseph ended up in the house of Potiphar. Isaiah 43:2 states “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” The question is not that I doubt that God is with me. The question is why do I go through waters, rivers and fire.

Remember 4 factors when you face tough times.

  1. God’s heart is never against us.
  2. There will be rough waters in our lives.
  3. Our experiences bring His glory in our lives
  4. You will pass through it

2. The Lord was with Joseph as a steward-v. 2-6a

He is the chief steward in the house. “When his master (pagan) saw…” Joseph had everything he could ever want. He was a gifted administrator (Rom 12). He was not really a preacher from what we know from the Scripture. V. 6 sums up what God did through Joseph. All Potiphar concerned himself with was the food he ate.

3. The Lord was with Joseph in temptation-v. 6b-19

Each stage in Joseph’s life gets him into worse trouble. During this time, the culture of the Egyptian womhas and men were very promiscuous. This was common. Joseph is single, lonely, forsaken, has natural desire and  could be on a cover of a magazine. He could have secretly sinned. Don’t minimize the temptation here. He was tempted but v. 9 ‘ How could…”

What do you do when temptation comes your way?

1) Refuse immediately v. 8

2) Reject the excuses v. 9

3) Remember God v. 9b

4) Relocate away from the temptation v. 11 Potiphar’s wife probably trapped him

5) Run-v. 18 four times in the NT we are told to flee from the love of money, idolatry, evil desires, and immorality.

4. The Lord was with Joseph as a prisonerv. 20-23

Like previously with his brothers, he is involved in a trouble where he is innocent. He had every reason to say that every time I do the right thing, it goes bad. Notice even in the loss, he is put in the king’s prison. Any other prison would mean certain death.

Life Lessons

1. Life’s disappointments are many times God’s appointments.

2. Life’s appointments doesn’t mean that you escape trouble.

3. Life’s disappointments doesn’t mean that the Lord is not with you.

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