Joseph’s Journal (Part 4) Genesis 40

Joseph’s Journal (Part 4) Genesis 40


God remembered Joseph. The butler and baker were officers of importance in ancient Egypt. The butler and the baker were not spared punishment by Pharoah. They sinned against Pharoah. In a palace one day, a prison the next. Joseph is now thrown in a prison for a false accusation. 40:15 I was forcibly carried off…do not deserve it. Don’t you think he thought, “I have been thrown in a cistern in Canaan and now thrown into a prison in Egypt.” Joseph knew God was with him in Canaan, Egypt and now in prison.


The subject of the dreams is a little strange but they deeply troubled the baker and the butler. In verse 6, Joseph saw they were dejected. There would be no interpreter of dreams in the prison. Joseph could have been so consumed with his own problems, but he notices them.

1) He knew that these dreams were from God

2) He knew that all interpretation of dreams belong to God v. 8-praise to God

3) He knew that there was a purpose in these dreams.

4) He knew that these dreams could be the key to his deliverance. “Remember me and get me out” v. 14

5) He told the whole truth (real prophets tell the good and the bad). One gets out and the other get hung.

Joseph thought for sure this was the answer for him also. But the cupbearerer (butler) forgot-v. 23. Don’t put all your trust in man. Paul used the Roman system to get him out of a mess (Roman citizen-carta d’identita’). It didn’t work for Joseph.


Two years passed-We don’t read that he complained. Joseph just wanted out of prison, God wanted him in the palace. Delays are for greater purposes-Psalm 105:19. Do we like waiting? Waiting (Hab 2:3). Those that patiently wait for God shall be paid with not only principal but interest, Lam 3:26.


The dreams of Pharoah-cows and ears of corn-the weak devouring the strong

1. Advise was to prepare for the good years and the bad years.

2. Appoint someone to administer this.

The ungodly Pharoah gives Joseph

1. an honorable testimony. v. 38-39: He is a man in whom the Spirit of God is; and this puts a great excellency upon any man; such men ought to be valued-v. 38. He is prudent: There is none so discreet and wise as thou art, v. 39. Ps 37:6.

2. an honorable office. Not only was he employed to buy up corn, but made him prime-minister. v.40, 41-44 Joseph had enemies, no doubt, archers that shot at him, and hated him (Gen 49:23)

3. an honorable respect-the king’s favorite. He gave him his own ring, as a ratification of his commission, showing his favor. He gave him fine clothes (instead of his prison ones). He gave him the privilege to ride second in command in the chariot and ordered honor to him: “Make way.” He gave him a new name-Zaphnath paaneah-a revealer of secrets. He gave him in marriage to his daughter.

Life Lessons

  1. God’s purpose for us is bigger than just one part of our life.
  2. God’s plan for us is that we do not lose hope when our dreams seem to fade.
  3. God’s promise to you is that He never forgets.

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