Mark 7:37 People were overwhelmed with amazement. “He has done everything well.”

Mark 7:37 People were overwhelmed with amazement. “He has done everything well.”

       After Jesus had cured the Cananites’ daughter, he traveled through the coasts of Decapolis (a Gentile city meaning 10 cities)-Matt. 15:29 In Mark 5, the demonized man was delivered and people pleaded with Jesus then to leave. Now in Mark 7:31, they bring people to him. How did they know about what Jesus could do? Probably they had heard the demon-delivered man from the Genesenes in chapter 5. In Mark 7, there was a deaf and dumb man who was probably not a believer. He had no opportunity to hear.

I. His Case was sad, v. 31-32. There were those that brought one that was deaf and dumb to Jesus; no information on why. 

a. unfit for society

b. loss of the pleasure of communication.

c. But he could see.

II. The Connection v. 33-34 They brought him to Jesus for a blessing (laying a hand upon him but not for healing)

Peculiar methods – 7 steps to touch one man to do 3 miracles – ears, tongue, and speak plainly. Why were the methods Jesus used, at times, so different?

1. Sometimes they had reference to something in the circumstances of the sufferer.

2. Sometimes to affect the mind of the crowd.

3. Sometimes there was a practical lesson to teach. Here, Jesus wanted to show him that he was special.

4. In this case, it was a sort of sign language. The man knew nothing but he could follow the signs of Jesus. He could not ask or answer questions. It was only by visible and what seemed strange applications to the ears and tongue that he could perceive what was going on, or could connect Jesus. In Aramaic, for the man’s sake, Jesus says, “Ephphatha, that is, “Be opened”. This was a language he could now understand.

III. The Command v. 36 Jesus told him, “Don’t tell anyone!” 8 times this is said in the Gospels. Ironically, it was their disobedience that preached it all the more.

IV. The Crowd v. 37 “They were overwhelmed with amazement”-Greek-superabundantly astonished-the same word used at the end of the sermon on the mount – Matt. 7:28 – “they were superabundantly astonished at His words…” The crowd had changed their mind and said, ‘He hath done everything well.” (v. 37) Before, they hated and persecuted him as destroying their economy.

Important Points

1. Jesus takes time for the individual. He will take time for you.

2. The methods of Jesus are individually designed so we will understand. The deaf and dumb man could understand the signs of Jesus.

3. Jesus really does all things well. Trusting God doesn’t always mean that we always know God’s method.

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