Matthew 5:1-2 – Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5:1-2 – Sermon on the Mount

Every time I read this sermon, I am both drawn to it and deeply convicted by it. These opening 12 verses are the introduction to this sermon. Note the plural, not just one crowd, but crowds and crowds.

No political campaign was equal to this outpouring of the people to hear Jesus and to be healed by Jesus.

Some call the Mount of Beatitudes the Sinai of the NT. He went up to get in closer to His disciples.

1) “seeing the multitudes” (Luke 6:12)

2) says that he went out into the mountain to pray,

3) (Mark 3:13) that he went up and called the twelve.

The sermon is a unique feature of Matthew’s Gospel but some parts are in Luke’s account (6:20-49).

The prophets and John the Baptist had preached but Christ excelled them all. Miracles and healings prepared people to hear this sermon and receive instruction. This sermon (an exposition of the law) is given on a mountain because the law was given on one. But by the end of the sermon, it was in the hearing of the multitude that people were astonished.(Mat. 7:28) “Disciple” means “one who learns from another,” but in the special context of the New Testament the disciples are those persons whom Jesus called, not only to learn his teachings, but to share his life.

What was the main theme that caries through this sermon-“the kingdom of heaven”?

I believe there are 4 aspects of the “kingdom of heaven” that Jesus wants to plant in our minds.

1. THE REIGN The Kingdom of Heaven is both visible and invisible. Kings have a visible present among their subjects. It is the people, land, fields, rivers, mountains and valley, etc. It is visible. There is also an invisible aspect of the kingdom. It lives in the hearts of the people. Luke 17:21 Jesus and the Pharisees – can’t say here it is or there it is “The kingdom of God is within you”.

2. THE RELATION The kingdom of heaven is both universal and exclusive. Psalm 24:1-6 (v. 1 is the universal truth and v. 3 is the exclusive truth). You say “Why does God allow evil to happen?” Why does He wait? The universal aspect of His kingdom means that he is patient with the sinner. Matt 13:24-30 parable answers to question to why. v. 30 “let both grow together.”

3. THE REACH The kingdom of heaven is both present and future. This is the already not yet aspect. The demonstration of the present kingdom was already occurring in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt.4:23). The future aspect-Heb. 9:28 is written to Jewish Christians. Jesus will appear again for those who are waiting.

4. THE RULE The kingdom of heaven provides both authority and independence. Authority is that Jesus said all power is given tome in heaven and on earth. Matt. 28:18 Matt. 11:12 gives a message to how the kingdom can rule in us “and the forceful men lay hold of it.” These are people who committed to leaving their self interest, their unhealthy traditions, to pursue the kingdom.

As we begin this study, what applications can we make of the kingdom of heaven in our lives?

1. It tells us that the task is too great without the help and hand of the Lord. You cannot make it by yourself.

2. It is primarily a call to the Lordship of Jesus. People that fall normally do so for lack of the Lordship of Jesus.

3. It calls for personal examination. How hungry are you to live out the kingdom of heaven in your life?

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