Matthew 7:1-6

Matthew 7:1-6

In this passage, Jesus is speaking about a judgmentalism or critical spirit.

1)  Having a self-righteous type of attitude or spirit.

2)  Being overly critical by always looking for the errors in others.

3)  Thinking the worst of someone without any evidence.

4)  Having a vindictive attitude-glad to see someone get judged for their actions. 

Jesus gives 4 reasons why we shouldn’t have judgmentalism in our hearts.

1)  If we practice judgmentalism, we will be judged (by God). v. 1

2)  If we practice judgmentalism, we can expect the same kind of judgment. v. 2

3)  If we practice judgmentalism, we will not help but hurt others. v. 3-5

4)  If we practice judgmentalism, we are hypocrites. v. 5

 Galatians 6:1-4 speaks of “restoring” someone. In Psalms 51:10-13, David is remorseful because of his sin. Notice his words.  

Does this mean that we never should speak to someone about their sin? NO, of course, we can and should. What Jesus is judging here is a condemning spirit (like that of the Pharisees).

 How does verse 6 fit in this section? Jesus now speaks about pigs, dogs and pearls. This is a judgment. God’s people are not judges but we do make judgments about certain things.

            Dogs here are wild dogs that would terrorize people.

            Pigs were unclean but also lived in garbage dumps (vicious)

            Pearl is a metaphor for the Word of God.

Don’t give pearls to those kinds of people who have dog and pig characteristics because

              1)   they will not ever accept it  

              2)   they may come back to harm you and your work for the Lord

Advice: Pray for them and wait for a time when they are not displaying dogs and pigs like characteristics. Then they may be ready to listen.

Principles of Jesus

      1)  The judgmental person is really more concerned about other people’s sin than his own. Don’t live this way.

      2)  The judgmental person does not have the spiritual authority because of his own log. Don’t live this way.

      3)  The judgmental person is a hypocrite. v. 5

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