Matthew 7:7-11 Ask, Seek, Knock

Matthew 7:7-11 Ask, Seek, Knock

     This is toward the end of the Sermon on the Mount. Remember that Jesus preached this sermon on other occasions. He starts out with the beatitudes, then salt and light, purpose of the law with His comments on hate, adultery, oaths, love (even of enemies), hypocrisy, giving, praying, fasting, worry, judgmentalism, now on to the summary. You will normally hear these verses in connection to types of prayer. But there is a deeper meaning in context.

     The key words are written in the present imperative tense, (emphatic command) with a future promise. Ask-will be given (future passive) seek-you will find (future indicative) knock-door will be opened (future passive). Note that verse 8 is really a repeat of verse 7 but said a little differently. Jesus then illustrates how it works. The asking person receives, the seeking person finds and the knocking person will have doors opened. Someone who asks and receives, the person is in their presence. Those who seek and knock, have to find and wait. Luke 11:5-13 has the parallel passage and includes another illustration of the point of ask, seek and knock.

Look at Jesus’ illustration of asking your neighbor.  

     1)  They are friends (only friends go at midnight)  

     2)  Boldness (gr. word implies without feeling bashful) 

     3)  In desperate need

     4)  He was asking on behalf of others (unexpected traveling guests)

     5)  Received all he needed

The friend has every reason to dismiss him. (I’m tired-bothered, the door is locked, children are asleep). The continual knocking without feeling bashful-rapping on heaven’s door will open it. If it is really important to you, you will persist with God.

     Look at Jesus’ illustation in Matthew: Point being that God does not disappoint us. How does this relate to the whole sermon?  Everything Jesus has preached has convicted people of their failures. Notice that Jesus says, “you, being evil,…” The people listening knew they had failed in many areas.

     Review the sermon: Beatitudes-Am I meek, merciful? Salt and light-Do I have it? Do I secretly hate? Am I a secret adulterer? Am I vengeful? How can I really love my enemies? Is my giving, praying and fasting hypocritical? Am I worried instead of trusting in God? Am I judgmental? 

Jesus says the only real answer to these failures is to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK

     This Scripture speaks as much about our need for the character of God in us as any prayer request for things. Wouldn’t it serve us well to ask, seek, and knock for God to help us in the things mentioned in Jesus’ sermon?

Life Principles for Asking God

1.  God wants you to ask for what is truly needed for you. (More of Him)

2.  God wants you to seek for what is truly important for you. (More of His Character)

3.  God wants you to knock for what is truly desperate for you. (More Boldness)

Why do we pray?

1. Obedience to God  2. Worship to God  3. Listen to God  4. Commune with God  5. Spiritual growth in God.

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