Sermon on the Mount-Part 19, Matthew 7:21-29

Sermon on the Mount-Part 19, Matthew 7:21-29

We have looked at Jesus’ summary by studying 2 roads and 2 trees. Now we look at 2 people and 2 buildings. Think of the people listening to His closing. Everyone thought Jesus only was referencing the Pharisees. What is the main point? Only those who do the will of the Father will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is illustrated by mentioning 2 kinds of people. 1) Those who obey the will of the Father and 2) those who think they are obeying the will of the Father.

How are people deceived? In 3 ways (note the number –“many”) Jesus is referring to judgment.

1.  They call him Lord (but He is not their Lord). These people probably go to church and do religious deeds.

2.  They could prophecy (preach). There will be people in hell that went to church and could quote the Bible.

3.  They worked for the Lord – drove out devils, did miracles. Working for the Lord is not an entry to heaven. The gifts of the Spirit are not a sign of your spirituality. Do you believe Judas preached and was used in the ministry? He is now in hell. Paul warns us that even satan masquerades himself as a angel of light. Many have the same mask. Jesus answers 1) “I never knew you.” (they never really knew Jesus). 2) “Away from me you evildoers” (anomia-lawlessness)

2 buildings (also in Luke 6:46-49) referencing the day of judgment. What is the point? Those who hear Jesus’ words and put it into practice.

Simile of 2 foundations – the rock and the sand

Simile of the wise and the foolish

Every life will face storms, rising floods, strong winds. All these will come at you with force. 2 words associated with the foundation of rock and the sand-the force against the rock is designed for internal collapse of surrender like in war (raising the white flag). The force against the sand foundation is different. It carries the idea of beating upon to crush it. In other words, when your foundation is on the rock, the only thing that will beat it is self surrender. When the foundation is on the sand, all you need to do is saturate the ground with water and have a big wind.

Who are these wise and foolish people? Both are professing Christians, both build houses. The man in the Bible who faced more of the storms of life than we ever will was Job. At the end of the story Job says, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

Lessons for Life

  1. “Many” religious people can hear the truth and still be easily deceived.
  2. Religious people can hear the truth without applying it. Within a few months, they reject Jesus.
  3. Religious people can hear the truth and still not know it. The disciples could not understand or remember many of Jesus’ words. Response of the people-amazed (Gr. astonished). He taught as One having authority (exousia). What is missing here? There is no repentance or humbling before Jesus.

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