Proverbs 4:18 The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.


  1. Introduction
  2. Path of the righteous – way of a blessed man – is the way of the man, who lives undefiled, a prosperous life in accordance with the Word of God.
    1. Read Psalm 1:1-3
    2. A child of God must not be influenced by unbelievers/wicked people but he/she must be influenced by his meditation in the Word of God. 
      1. Psalm 1:1
      2. If you want to live a blessed life, do not join the way of the wicked, don’t walk in it and do not sit among the wicked.
      3. You cannot be blessed if you do not meet the condition put in this verse. Many children of God do not know the way of the Word of God and that is why they often join the way of the majority – the way of wicked.
      4. What does it mean to “meditate in the Word of the Lord“?
        1. Psalm 1:2
        2. Meditation in the Word must be continuous and consistent. It should bring about great joy and delight. 
        3. Meditation/pondering/studying of the Word of God makes our root grow deep down until it reaches the living stream of the river of prosperity.  
          1. Psalm 1:3
          2. What is prosperity? What marks a blessed man?
          3. Everybody has a different season in a certain time. Every blessed man bears fruit in his time.
          4. Even though the blessed man waits for the manifestation of his blessings, his praise never withers or fades. He keeps on praising God.
          5. Read Psalm 92:13-16 and Joshua 1:6-9


1 Kings 18:30-40, 44-46       

  1. Introduction
  2. Elijah lived and ministered in the time when Israel was ruled by a wicked king, Ahab, who was controlled and manipulated by his wife, Queen Jezebel. Idolatry was wide spread in Israel; the Israelites served Baal and demonic deities.
    1. Elijah repairs a broken altar
    2. What did Elijah use to repair the altar?
    3. An altar was a place of sacrifice, prayer and worship of the living God. Today though it is not a place or a structure, it is A PERSONAL DEVOTED PRAYER LIFE
    4. Occasions when somebody built an altar: Genesis 8:20, 12:7, 26:23-25, 33:19-20
      1. What happened after Elijah had repaired the altar, sacrificed and prayed to the LORD?
      2. Fire of God fell from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice
      3. People turned from false gods
      4. Prophets of Baal were killed
      5. Season of drought ended by abundant rain
      6. Power of God fell upon Elijah
        1. Remember
        2. The fire of God will fall upon our lives as soon as we renew our personal, devoted prayer life.
        3. Every altar is endangered by idolatry. Nothing and nobody in our lives must have priority before God. Never allow anything to stop your personal prayer life. 
        4. Repair your altar and expect a mighty outpouring of the fire of God and rain of abundant blessings into your life.

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