Psalms 40:1-5 – The Benefits of Waiting in God

Psalms 40:1-5 – The Benefits of Waiting in God

A Psalm of David

This Psalm follows the struggle of Psalm 37-39. In Psalm 40, God answered.

There are really 3 parts to the Psalm. Deliverance is given but not completely.

The tone is set. “I waited patiently…” The answer came after he learned to wait. Hebrew is written in doubles (literally-“Waiting I waited”)

1. v. 1-5 The Testimony of God’s Waiting

The great distress and trouble that the psalmist had been in (a horrible pit and into miry clay (v. 2), he could not work himself out and was sinking yet further.

“He turned to me and heard my cry.” How? v. 2-3

1. “He brought me up out of that horrible pit of despondency and despair.”

2. “set my feet upon a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”

“rock and firm footing” is in comparison to the pit without any footing.

3. He put a new song in my mouth – A fresh touch from God calls for a new song.

The words of the new song- v. 4-5 “Blessed is…Many are… the wonders and the plans…

See also Jer 29:11, Jer. 31:3

4. “Many will see and put their trust in the Lord” – Your personal testimony is your most

powerful witness.

2. v. 6-10 The Terms of God’s Waiting

What does God really want from us? David says external forms of religion are empty.

Sacrifice, offering, burnt offerings are the result of a contrite heart, not the means.

Jesus taught many times of the danger of the Pharisees. Matt. 5:20, 16:6, and the 7 woes of 23:13-36.

v. 7-10 is his confession of the heart. Note the progression of the believer

1. I have come. 2. I desire to do your will. 3. I will proclaim your righteousness.

This portion of the Psalm is also spoken prophetically of Jesus Christ in Hebrews 10:5-10.

3. v. 11-17 The Time of God’s Waiting

Here is the point that we must all understand. David needs further deliverance.

Note the beginning of the Psalm and now the change in tone. This is now a desperate plea.

David can remain strong because of verse 11. It is only found in the mercy, love and truth of God.

Example of Rebekah. The Lord promised her that her young son Jacob would inherit the birthright. In her impatience, she deceived Issac. She failed to wait for God’s timing. Have you ever said, “God, why am I faced with these troubles and when will you deliver me?”

v. 13-16 gives us the answer to our waiting.

1. God is pleased when He saves us in His time. v.13

2. God is pleased when He restores us in His time. v. 14-15

3. God is pleased when He hears the rejoicing and praising while we wait for His time.

v. 16

Life Lessons for Those who Wait

1. Waiting on God will reveal our distance from Him.
2. Waiting on God will reveal whether our faith is made of form or substance.

3. Waiting on God will reveal a greater rejoicing when God answers.

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